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Below is a list of all units covered in this course and PDFs of three sample units. We provide these units as examples of how the IODE materials are designed (see the main page for further info on IODE and inquiry). To access the full course materials (found here: IODE Course and Teacher Materials tab), including PDFs and LaTeX files for Course Materials, as well as, the Teacher Materials, please fill out this form [please use your school email for verification purposes]. Within 2-5 business days you will receive an email from the IODE Team with the password that protects the materials.

Course Units & Sample Course Materials

Unit 1: Qualitative and Graphical Approaches

Unit 2: A Numerical Approach

Unit 3: An Analytic Approach

Unit 4: Linear Differential Equations

Unit 5: Uniqueness of Solutions

Unit 6: Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 7: Modeling with Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 8: The Effect of Varying a Parameter in Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 9: Introduction to Systems

Unit 10: Spring Mass System and Linear System

Unit 11: Damped and Undamped Linear Systems

Unit 12: Eigentheory Applied to Linear Systems

Unit 13: Second Order Linear Differential Equations

Unit 14: Nonlinear Systems

Unit 15: Laplace Transforms (this is a work in progress)

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