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Recently, the IODE Team has created a new version of the materials. Changes consist of rewording problems, removing problems, adding problems, reordering units, creating GeoGebra applets for all technology resources, etc. If you had previously downloaded the materials be sure to re-download the newest version. See here for information on citing and licensure.

Below are the PDFs of the student materials. To access the LaTeX files for Student Materials and the Teacher Materials, see the Teacher Materials tab.

Student Materials

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IODE Student Materials

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Cover Page

Unit 1: Qualitative and Graphical Approaches

Unit 2: A Numerical Approach

Unit 3: An Analytic Approach

Unit 4: Linear Differential Equations

Unit 5: Uniqueness of Solutions

Unit 6: Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 7: Modeling with Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 8: The Effect of Varying a Parameter in Autonomous Differential Equations

Unit 9: Introduction to Systems

Unit 10: Spring Mass System and Linear System

Unit 11: Damped and Undamped Linear Systems

Unit 12: Eigentheory Applied to Linear Systems

Unit 13: Second Order Linear Differential Equations

Unit 14: Nonlinear Systems

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